Who cares about Oscars? Shah Rukh Khan might soon give a speech at the prestigious Oxford University

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Who cares about Oscars? Shah Rukh Khan might soon give a speech at the prestigious Oxford University5d7fa17da32d1156d8e6b8b14e706384

When Shah Rukh Khan‘s name did not feature on the list of celebrities invited by the Oscar Academy, his fans went crazy. There’s nothing in the rules that stops them from naming the superstar and yet they named Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan but not SRK. It definitely stunned us. He is a global superstar, the kind of fan following he garners is unparalleled and yet he goes missing from the list. But fans, don’t you bother or sulk about it because men like him deserve a much better place than Oscar Academy. Shah Rukh Khan will soon give a speech at the Oxford University.

Mid-Day quoted SRK saying, “I love to talk. Whenever someone invites me to deliver a speech, I always consider it an opportunity. I have been to Yale earlier (in 2012) and now, I have received an invitation from Oxford. I’ll go if I have the time and if it fits into my scheme of things.” The Principal of the university had earlier extended an invite to the actor on Twitter saying, (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan’s omission from Oscars’ invitee list is baffling, but did the Academy issue any statement defending themselves?)Capture

The invite was extended in November last year. Talking about his speeches which have become a bible for many who dream big and come from humble beginnings, SRK told the daily, “I don’t like anyone writing for me. It takes time for me to sit down and write, given my schedule, but it has to be done by me. I am yet to zero in on a subject for this talk.” So next time you ask him who writes his speeches, just reread this quote! Believe!