Taxi Fabric, turns Mumbai taxi covers into canvas, feast to eyes.

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Taxi Fabric, turns Mumbai taxi covers into canvas, feast to

Get into one of these taxis and you would be forgiven for feeling like Alice after she’d gone down the rabbit hole. A bunch of designers in Mumbai are giving the interiors of local taxis a funky makeover with a project titled Taxi Fabric.

Quite simply, Taxi Fabric aims to turn taxi covers into canvas for artists and the stories they want to tell. Each design has a tale to it and the artists are putting them into perspective.


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Inspiration is drawn from subjects as diverse as the similarities between India and Pakistan and life in a busy city.

Each taxi design looks like an open-ended question. It’s up to the passenger to decide what they make of it.


art-taxis_650x400_71440764570 art-taxis_650x400_71440764610 art-taxis_650x400_81440764691

The artists behind the project have also raised over 11,000 pounds on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Have a look at some of the taxi interiors below and a word of warning to those lucky enough to ride in one of these – you may never want to get to your destination.