Nepal Blocks Indian TV Channels Indefinitely

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Nepal Blocks Indian TV Channels Indefinitely

NepalNepal Cable TV operators have blocked all the Indian TV channels in their country. This decision was made in protest against an unofficial “blockade of goods” in to the country.

Agitation by Joint Madhesi Front has led to goods laden trucks stranded at the India-Nepal border. The Joint Madhesi Front have been protesting against Seven-province model of Nepal’s new constitution.

On the other hand, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae on friday said, “Growing Anti-India sentiment in Nepal is a concern, but it is being used for negative objectives, mainly for political agenda”. He also added, “we are deeply concerned with the growing anti-india sentiment in nepal. Such sentiment and feelings could harm both India and Nepal.

He indirectly pointed some groups in Nepal who are encouraging anti-india sentiment. The Indian Ambassador being diplomatic through his words said, “We know there are issues in Nepal in certain parts. We have no views regarding what should be the solution. But we desire that these problems should be addressed and rectified as soon as possible.

To be mentioned, certain groups in Nepal are going against India after Indian stood on the issue of constitution of Nepal. In the same regard, Mr. Rae added, “People of Nepal have misunderstood India’s stand on the issue. In fact, we have policy for all Nepalese, not for certain community.

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