8 First-Time Experiences We All Need More Of In Our Lives

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8 First-Time Experiences We All Need More Of In Our Lives

Sure third time’s the charm, but there is something special about the first time that makes us remember the experiences long after they are done with. The thrill of doing something new, the mix of excitement and fear and a tiny bit of anxiety worrying about how things will turn out… I won’t exchange that feeling for a lifetime of comfortable, on-point situations. While we are sure you have your own share of first time experiences, here are a few that we’ve listed as must-dos. No matter what happens, don’t compromise on these experiences.
1. Travelling alonegif_kangana_queen

The first time you put on the travelling shoes sneakers and head out, completely free to only do the things that you love… priceless!
2. Moving to a new citygif_newcity

Much like travelling, but for a longer period of time, moving to a new city is your chance for a do over. Here, you are smack outside your comfort zone, ready to write a whole new story…
3. First kissgif_firstkiss

It might be the perfect butterflies in your stomach one, or an awkward, sloppy and wet experience, either way, a first kiss is going to often come up at 2AM conversations with your childhood buddies.
4. First heartbreak

You can’t avoid it (you are extremely lucky if you have by the way), but trust us, amidst all that heart wrenching pain, endless tubs of ice-cream and loads of crying, you are actually learning a lesson too.
5. Making your first best friendgif_friends_monicarachelrealworld

Sure you’ll meet people right from the time you start kindergarten, but the moment you realise that a particular human understands you perfectly, and is your friend for life, that’s a great feeling right there. And the best part is, you don’t have to stop, you can keep meeting these lovely, amazing people who become your life support.
6. Realising that you are growing as a persongif_rory

We don’t mean the physical aspect. The first time you realise that while you grew up a certain way, you have finally reached a point where you are letting go of the comfort zone and turning into the person that you actually want to be.
7. Being told “I love you”gif_rory_jess

It could be that awkward boy in your class at 11, or it could be the love of your life at 25, but the first time you hear those words, you are going to smile (or crack up depending on the person who is at the other end).
8. Getting completely sloshedgif_queen_kangana_drunk_lifekharab

And not knowing what happened the next morning… yes, that’s going to be an amazing feeling too.