Dr. Shawna Pandya Is The Third Indian Woman Going To Space & Her List Of Achievements Has Left Us Awestruck

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Dr. Shawna Pandya Is The Third Indian Woman Going To Space & Her List Of Achievements Has Left Us Awestruckshawna-pandya-third-indian-woman-in-space1-1486646610 - Copy

What do you call a woman who is going to be the third Indian woman to go in space, is a neurosurgeon, is a published author, an international Taekon-do champion, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur , a model, and a lot more? You might think of an adjective, but let me call her Shawna Pandya!

An Indian born in Canada, 32-year-old Dr. Shawna will follow the footsteps of Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, as she is gearing up for two space missions in 2018. Out of a talent pool of 3200 dexterous brains, Shawna was one of the two finalists that made it for this mission.shawna-pandya-third-indian-woman-in-space2-1486646629 - Copy

She is also a trained opera singer and has trained in Muay Thai from NAVY SEAL.shawna-pandya-third-indian-woman-in-space3-1486646643 - Copy

She pursued Neuroscience at the University of Alberta, then even went on to get an MD. She is multilingual as well since she is fluent with Russian, Spanish and French! She has surpassed the Wonder woman clearly.shawna-pandya-third-indian-woman-in-space4-1486646668



She is currently in Mumbai and is visiting her family. She has also been a TEDex speaker and is now motivating students across the city while she is in her homeland.shawna-pandya-third-indian-woman-in-space6-1486646703

With a talent pool of this depth, one not only feels crazily proud of her, you can also not stop being in awe of her! When you aim for the moon and fly in the stars, the Earth does become boring after all. More power to you our super girl!shawna-pandya-third-indian-woman-in-space7-1486646715