Check Out What Were The Most Searched Things On Google In 2015

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Check Out What Were The Most Searched Things On Google In 2015

Paris Terror Attacks have topped the list of Google Searches in 2015 globally along with the transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner and the collapse of ex-NBA star Lamar Odom.

Talking about INDIA

The top 5 most searched terms in India this year were:
1. Flipkart
3. State Bank of India
4. Amazon
5. Snapdeal

Indian-Canadian adult star who is now a Bollywood actress i.e. Sunny Leone was the most searched person of the year. Sunny Leone was followed closely by actor Salman Khan and the late former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam. PM Narendra Modi was the 10th most searched person of 2015 in India.

Bahubali & Bajrangi Bhaijaan were the top two most searched Bollywood movies in India according to Google trends. At the same time, Indian batsman Virat Kohli was the most searched sports personality in 2015 in India.

Here are top 5 search terms in India across categories:-





GS3-600x394Talking About Global Google Search Terms, Here’s detailed analysis

Lamar Odom was the topper in single most popular overall search, Odom is the former player of basket ball and separated husband of the famous TV reality star Khloe Kardashian and in October he was found in a state of unconsciousness in a brothel.

However, as per the Google trend ranking of the 15th year, Paris was the leader across categories as it was the target of horrific terrorist attacks in the months of January and November.

The second most frequent global search overall query was “Charlie Hebdo”, the French satirical magazine which was attacked by Islamic terrorists, and Paris was number five.

Charlie Hebdo and Paris were the top two searches also in the news category.

On its blog, Google has said, “Within two minutes of the deadly attack on Paris in November, the French capital was searching for information on the assault underway in their city. Less than 10 minutes later, the rest of the world started searching. As of today, we’ve seen more than 897 million searches about the city as the world came together to ‘Pray for Paris.’”

In the news queries, after Paris came the record breaker storm Hurricane Patricia, ISIS and Nepal.

Third position on the overall list was taken by an online action game called while the fourth position was taken by a movie “Jurassic World”, which was released worldwide in May and June.

In Individual category, Odom was followed by Ronda Rousey, a martial arts star and transgender Olympian Caitlyn Jenner who was earlier known as Bruce Jenner.

Google said, “Across the globe, she (Jenner) was searched more than 344 million times, and her story helped give a new voice to the transgender community.”

The fourth spot in celebrity search was taken by Adele, the pop singer and fifth by Charlie Sheen, the actor who disclosed last month that he is HIV-positive.

In the terms of global sporting event searches, the top positions were taken by the Copa America football tournament, Wimbledon tennis championship, the Tour de France cycling race, the Rugby World Cup and the American football Super Bowl.

In consumer technology goods, the topper was iPhone 6S which was released this year and it was followed by Galaxy 6S of Samsung, the Apple watch, iPad Pro and the LG G4 smartphone.

In music category, Adele was followed by Sia, an Australian singer and the Eagles of Death Metal – the US band which was performing at the Paris club when the IS terrorists stormed the club last month. Fourth was British singer Sam Smith and fifth was Meghan Trainor, the American singer-songwriter.

In movie searches, after Jurassic Park, it was for Furious 7, American Sniper, Fifty Shades of Grey and animated 3D movie Minions.