9 Dark Truths That The Internet Is Not Telling You

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9 Dark Truths That The Internet Is Not Telling You

Today, we live in a highly connected world. Most of the world’s population has a significant online presence. People are uploading the most intimate details about their lives on cloud storage platforms, social networking sites and online media portals. However, none of their information is 100% safe and is likely fall into the wrong hands.

Here are some dark truths about the internet that you must know before sharing your next status update online:

1. Hackers can easily gain remote access to your webcam (“Camfecting”).webcam-768x512

Hackers are able to watch you when you’re on your computer and snap pictures which may find their way onto dark corners of the internet. Hence, it is always advised to people to not share their intimate moments during video calls.
2. The iPhone keeps a detailed record of your location wherever you go.iphone-location

It stores every latitude and longitude along with a timestamp in a secret file which gets uploaded onto your computer when you synchronise your device.

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3. Your “secure” cloud storage can be hacked and your most intimate pictures can be compromised.secure-storage-741x486

There have been numerous instances where hackers have gained access to private iCloud accounts of celebrities and leaked sensitive photos online.

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4. Hackers can remotely monitor all your wireless keyboard keystrokes and even inject their own keystrokes when your keyboard is idle.keyboard-hack-747x420

Keyboards made by vendors who use cheaper alternatives to Bluetooth in order to connect the keyboard to the USB receiver are the most vulnerable to such attacks.


5. Hackers can break into company servers and steal millions of passwords at once, compromising the security of several accounts.servers-768x613

Most recently, hackers broke into Yahoo servers and stole the account information of around 500 million users.


6. Even your social media accounts are not secure. Hacker groups have complex means to break in and alter everything from your description to your profile picture and even post updates.zuckerberg-hacked

Most recently Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s, Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked. The hackers altered the description of his Twitter page and posted updates too!

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7. Some Android phones have a backdoor through which the user’s call logs, text messages and location are being shared without their knowledge.android-infected

The details are being shared through a pre-installed software on the device. US Authorities are already investigating the matter.


8. Facebook stores detailed data about every picture that you’ve ever uploaded onto the platform.facebook-deepface

This data helps them in suggesting tags for future pictures. However, if this information were to fall into unscrupulous hands, the consequences could be disastrous.


9. Sensitive information such as passwords may not be private when you are on a public wifi network.free-wifi-zone-768x578

f the “free” public wifi is being operated by hackers, they are able to analyse all your finger movements on the screen and reverse engineer things like your unlock pattern and passwords.