5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s Flick Six Was The Coolest Shot Of The Decade

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5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s Flick Six Was The Coolest Shot Of The Decade



Virat Kohli’s transformation from a talented young Indian batsman to an invincible force in all formats of the game has been quite remarkable. The Indian captain was at it again in the first ODI game against England where he along with Kedar Jadhav tore England’s bowling apart. It was an extraordinary display of batsmanship from both players and one particular shot showed Kohli’s prowess against any form of bowling attack in the world. This flick six off the bowling of Woakes evoked a feeling of disbelief among commentators and spectators alike:

1. Because It’s Not Possible To Hit That Far Without Using The Back Hand



As Sanjay Manjrekar correctly pointed out during commentary, Kohli hit it with a high elbow without making it look like a back hand slap. That is what makes this shot really special because even though Kohli might have required superhuman arm strength to pull it off, it was essentially a flick which went for six.

2. This Shot Defies The Laws Of Physics



Every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Guess not. The only reaction this shot evoked on the pitch was Woakes’ disgruntled look towards his captain asking to take him off the attack. Virat Kohli didn’t even flinch once while taking the shot and it looked like poetry in motion.

3. It Came Off A Slower Bowl. Isn’t It Ridiculous?



The whole point of bowling a slower bowl is to deceive the batsman into a false shot. Virat Kohli not only read the pace of the bowl but also made sure that he chose the longest stretch of the ground to stamp his authority over the bowler. This guy is a freak.

4. Talent Takes You Far But Kohli’s Hardcore Training Off The Field Has Worked Wonders For His Game Strength



Kohli pulled off the incredible shot quiet easily because off the field his work ethic and commitment is unparalleled. Not only does he put in the hard yards in the gym but also makes sure that he gets better with every innings and learns from his mistakes. This is what he said after the game about the shot: “Yes (surprised myself). Many times (smiling). It has happened a lot. I can recall many moments when I felt like I didn’t do this. I don’t know how it got executed. But I have always spoken to the guys in the change room about the same thing. If you are focused on the goal, on the target you want to achieve, you don’t necessarily need to think too much about the game, in terms of your personal runs or where you stand in the game.”

5. And No Matter How Much Effort It Took He Was Still Standing Still After The Shot, In Total Control



Don’t we love it when a good shot fetches the maximum with the batsman in perfect control long after it’s been dispatched? Kohli stood there after hitting it into the galaxy like just any other day in the park. The way he transferred the momentum from his arms to the bat without much resistance ruining his posture or composure was just incredible. It was the shot of the decade by a true legend.