14 Amazing Uses For Coffee Grounds (Besides Making Coffee).

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14 Amazing Uses For Coffee Grounds (Besides Making Coffee).

When it comes to coffee grounds, there just doesn’t seem to be any purpose for them after you’ve brewed yourself a cup of coffee, or is there? It turns out that coffee grounds are useful for a number of things around the house and in our daily lives. Some would even say they’re the proverbial “Jack of all Trades.” They can provide an affordable way of helping you perform and complete a wide array of household chores, and can even improve your beauty regimen by ten folds. So if you’re thinking of throwing your used coffee grounds away the next time you brew a pot, these 14 uses will so make you reconsider.

1. Coffee grounds won’t just make you a great cup of Joe. It’ll make your face look radiant!

Just mix a spoon of coffee grounds, add a couple of drops of olive oil and turn it into a skin scrub. You’ll see how much better you’ll look when you notice the revitalizing effects on your face. It also does wonders in reducing cellulite in other parts of your body too.



If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with natural pests around the house, then coffee grounds can help.

Think of them as natural pest control as the grounds emit an odor that tend to repel must insects. You’ve got to admit, it’s a lot easier and a whole lot cheaper than calling a pest control company.

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Grounds can also bring your dull wooden furniture back to life.

All you need to do is rub some grounds gently against any scratch marks you see in your wooden chair, cabinet, or table. It’s that simple! Plus, it’ll remove any unsightly discoloration in the process, which is a major bonus.



If you’ve got a green thumb and like to plant your own carrots, then make sure to use coffee grounds next time.

Adding grounds to the soil can help your carrots grow a whole lot faster. Just make sure not to use freshly brewed grounds as they need time to break down into the compost in order for them to work their magic.



If you hate cleaning pans full of grit, then try scrubbing with some coffee grounds.

But be careful not to use them on pans that stain easily because grounds are very abrasive and could wind up scratching the surface while getting rid of the grit that ended up caked on the bottom of the pan.



For your house to smell like coffee, you have to be a huge java aficionado, but if you are, there’s a way to turn coffee grounds into an air freshener.

Simply place some coffee grounds near your air conditioning vent and prepare to make your house smell like Starbucks, because that’s exactly what you’ll get.



If your sink stinks, then deodorize it with some coffee grounds.

All you need is a small jar and some coffee grounds. Then place it near the sink and watch it mask the smell of last night’s dinner, mold or mildew.



So you left half an onion in your fridge and now the stench is so unbearable when you open the door to grab something.

If you don’t have baking soda to absorb the smell, then try some coffee grounds to mask the smell with something a little more pleasant. It’s the ultimate fridge deodorizer.



You don’t always have to rely on conventional, and often stinky fertilizer when you’re out gardening.

Grounds are an awesome fertilizing substitute because they hold in water, which guarantees your plants will stay hydrated.



If you’ve just touched something with your hands, like fish, and you can’t get the stench off no matter how hard you try, then use coffee grounds.

The grounds not only freshen your hands, but they also act as an exfoliant to make them smoother and cleaner.



You’ll find that there’s no better compost than one that contains coffee grounds.

Grounds are rich in nitrogen, and also attracts worms, which help increase the amount of water and oxygen in the soil.lifebuzz-1d10b26d02c3d4f198ae98d00b5776ef-limit_2000


Next time you decide to barbecue outdoors or are planning to make a campfire, trickle some coffee grounds over the wood before starting a fire.

This will help contain ashes from flying around and getting into your eyes, nose and mouth. It will also prevent embers from making their way into other parts of the forest and inadvertently starting a fire.



If you’re a fan of coffee, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a coffee candle made of old grounds.

It’s super easy to make too. All you need is a paper cup, a sheet of kitchen roll, a cup of wax candle ends, a small saucepan, candle wick, scissors, and a mixing bowel to create the perfect DIY coffee candle infused with the best smell in the whole world.



Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine… your hair that is, with some coffee grounds.

It’s the ultimate hair treatment and all you have to do is put the grounds in your hair while you shower. The ground’s grittiness will strip your hair of any hairspray or hair gel build-up, making it shiny and beautiful. Also if you’re looking to darken your hair color, the grounds will definitely do a decent job of that too.