13 Images Proving That Brothers and Sisters Can Be Real Jerks

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13 Images Proving That Brothers and Sisters Can Be Real Jerks

No one knows us better than our brothers and sisters. However, some of them exploit their inside knowledge to drive us crazy with their jokes.
Bright Side found 13 images proving that when it comes to practical jokes, our brothers and sisters have an inexhaustible supply.
“Because she has a long neck, my sister gets called a giraffe, and it makes her mad. So here’s the present I decided to give her for her birthday…”10453810-zXwUOcL-1485119709-650-09ca5d96d8-1485542164

“My brother said he’d left me some of the watermelon.”10453210-0-0-1485261225-1485261243-650-61fa3adac2-1-1485542164

“Hey, ice cream! Damn you, sister!”10453160-1-0-1485261863-1485261872-650-4385dae997-1-1485542164

“This was the first present I ever received from my younger brother.”10453660-emzeK-1485500954-650-ff888a2b4e-1485542164

“I ordered some new sneakers online, and they were delivered while I was at work. I asked my brother to send me a photo.”10452860-3-0-1485263307-1485263320-650-5808984216-1-1485542164

“I really, really, really love my younger brother.”10452360-SSGuBHB-1485192464-650-8bb71a5ac2-1485542164

“When I complained that an exercise routine wasn’t helping me to get thinner, my brother sent this photo of me.”10452460-unusual-hybrid-animals-21-1485177051-650-ad686d4e04-1485542164

“I think my brother needs to be banned from watching TV and using the Internet.”10452560-vuWEder-1485500907-650-fd53a7eb17-1485542164

“My 11-year-old sister gave me a single sock for Christmas and promised to make the other one in time for my birthday. She said knitting one made her tired, and she didn’t have any strength left to make the second one.”10452410-uMNVyby-1485181664-650-7a19956cbc-1485542164

30 years of research show that if you give a child a game console, he will definitely provide his little sister with a controller that’s not plugged in.10452260-QFGYfozbfFw6dNgkGjaxfggM81ulsrPrsbYUOWVYA-I-1485238189-650-788fd86730-1485542164

“From this moment on, I have no sister!”10452760-zJ6dNbJ-1485192267-650-963c034a47-1485542164

“I couldn’t make it to a family celebration, so I asked my brother to set aside a little of everything for me.”10452710-ZDz5c-x_9P6ptmtkpGXY_QG43U-0xUuRNgy4kaZBAYs-1485500926-650-f5d79d2223-1485542164

“I asked my sister to pack things up when we were moving house.”10452310-RkXxTcf-1485236738-650-95eba8a861-1485542164